I love programming and video games! I am from Austria and graduated at Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

My main programming language is Java but I also can get away with some C if needed. I love creating libraries that others can use or do work behind the scenes with backend logic and database interaction. If needed I also build (somewhat usable) GUIs with JavaFX or in the browser with VueJS (TypeScript and SFC).

My experience begins with some reverse engineering and interaction with the OS in C (with JNI). It continues over a a ton of libraries like jsoup, netty, Logback, gson, LWJGL, Liquibase and a lot more up to Spring Boot (Web), MyBatis, Thymeleaf and JavaFX, only to name a few.

In terms of databases I do like PostgreSQL a lot and also Redis. The SCM is Git, of course, and as far as the IDE is concerned, I am using Netbeans for Java and Visual Studio Code for everything else (TypeScript, SCSS, Latex, Markdown, …). Java sources are always built with Maven and are often released under Open Source Licenses.

You can find me in a lot of places on the Internet!